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Who is Blue Skies Real Estate?

It's a story Lynn and Dixie tell often- partially because they love to tell it and partially because sometimes they still find it hard to believe themselves.

It begins in early December of 1979. The Wheelers had a dream, like so many others, of owning a home. Dixie was working as a ticket manager at the fabled Queen Mary in Long Beach, and Lynn worked in sales for a prominent hardware supplier. But their lives took a turn for the better when, on a weekend getaway, Lynn and Dixie discovered Big Bear.

"It was paradise to both of us," Dixie says. "We knew on that first weekend that this is where we wanted to spend the rest of our lives." So much so, in fact, that the Wheelers bought a newspaper, scoured the Real Estate section and shortly thereafter bought a house in Big Bear.

This is where the story turns drastic. "We could not afford the home and we had no jobs in Big Bear," Lynn says. "We could barely afford to pay attention, let alone pay for a house.

But the Wheelers were determined to make their dream come true. During the short time before they moved in, they scraped together enough money to cover the down payment. Painfully, they had to sell Dixie's beloved white Camaro to do so. But that pain was lessened by the fact that Lynn and Dixie were married not long thereafter.

The Wheelers finally moved into their new home, but they had no choice but to keep their jobs in the Long Beach area.

For over nine months the Wheelers commuted from Big Bear to Long Beach and back daily. They woke up at 4:30 every morning to be on the road by 5:30 and spend three hours in rush hour traffic. Then they'd turn around and spend three more hours on the freeway coming home.

"By the time we got back to Big Bear, we were so exhausted that we'd have to go right to sleep so we'd have enough energy to make the drive again the next day," Lynn says. "Sometimes I still can't believe we did that."

Nearly two decades later, the Wheelers agree: the struggle was well worth it. The effort it took Lynn and Dixie to set their dreams in motion pays dividends daily, since they have found the perfect place to live and an ideal locale to raise their two children, Erika and Logan. In addition, Lynn and Dixie have devised a method of channeling their combined energies to set the dreams of others as well - specifically where Big Bear is concerned.

As owners and founders of Blue Skies Real Estate and Resort Rentals, the Wheelers specialize in helping others achieve their goal of buying, selling or renting property in this one-of-a-kind area.

As one can learn from their Big Bear story, Lynn and Dixie know what it takes to make a dream come true: teamwork, commitment and hard work. "We understand the appeal of Big Bear as much as anyone, " Dixie says. "That's what makes what we do so rewarding. Each day we wake up to the opportunity to help other people realize a goal. We take that very seriously and, quite frankly, we love it."

What makes Lynn and Dixie so unique is the energetic, proactive approach they take to your Big Bear goals. Behind them, the Wheelers have a team of established professionals who share their visions and are specially trained to help you accomplish your goal, whether that entails buying, selling or renting a home in this magnificent area.


When you've got big dreams in Big Bear, set the Wheelers in motion.